Department of Fish Production Technology

Training in "Fisheries" began in 2009. From the first years of teaching this specialty, in order to increase the knowledge and skills of the staff to be trained, to instill in them the skills of practical fish farming, work has begun to strengthen the material and technical base at ADAU. Thus, in 2013, "Indoor fish farming laboratory" under the department of "Technology of livestock and fish production", 16 aquariums of different sizes, 16 concrete ponds with a volume of 20 m3 were built and put into operation. On the basis of the created material and technical base, students majoring in "Fisheries" are provided with fish breeding, feeding, storage of breeding fish, removal of gonads from them, fertilization of caviar, breeding of fish larvae, cultivation of live baits for fish, etc. Knowledge is taught visually. It is no coincidence that more than 20 students graduated from ADAU with a bachelor's degree in "Fisheries" at the master's level, and they are now successfully working in various scientific, educational, fisheries and other institutions of the Republic.

In August 2020, on the basis of the department of "Technology of livestock and fish production" of ADAU, the department of "Technology of production of fish products" was established and the head of the department Doctor of Biological Sciences, Associate Professor. N.C. Mustafayev was elected.

At present, the department has 176 bachelor's and 8 master's students majoring in "Fishing" and "Fish farming".

The department carries out the following 3 research works on the topic of "Modern condition of vital fish living in the inland water basins of Azerbaijan, ways of their efficient use, methods of breeding fish species of economic importance": 1. "Ichthyofauna of Ganjachay , Goshgarchay and Shamkirchay rivers "assessment of the current situation, possible damage to ichthyofauna in connection with the development of minerals in the region"; 2. "Current condition of important fish in Shamkir reservoir and ways of efficient use of their resources"; 3 . "Development of scientific basis for the biotechnology of cultivation of the African nymph - Clariasgariepinus (Burchell, 1822) in the indoor and outdoor fish farming laboratories of ADAU".

The teaching staff of the department consists of 1 doctor of biological sciences, associate professor, 2 doctors of philosophy in agrarian sciences, associate professor, 1 senior teacher, 5 assistants.


Mustafayev Namig Janali oglu


Valiyev Shakir Abdulgasim oglu
Associate Professor

Ibrahimova Sanam Zabit gizi
Senior lecturer

Khudiyeva Turana Surkhay gizi